This is Tg. Smart. Sassy. Social. Like nothing you’ve tried before. Refreshingly delicious and naturally uplifting green tea drink with ginseng extract. The tea infusion is made with real green tea leaves which give the drink a soft, crisp taste. We then blend in a sprinkle of ginseng and jujube fruit extract that, along with the green tea, help strengthen your roots and put a spring in your step, according to ancient wisdom of the Middle Kingdom.

Very lightly sweetened with cane sugar and stevia. 30 calories and 7g sugar – less than 2 teaspoons – per bottle. Make the move to higher refreshment. Enjoy the natural uplift of Tg green tea with jujube & ginseng. You’ll be one of the first to discover an exciting new-to-the-UK super fruit (with 7 times more vitamin C than blueberries). Move over goji berry and acai, here comes jujube!

Every 330ml drink is proudly bottled in the UK and is free from preservatives, colours and artificial flavours.

2015 Beverage World Global Packaging Design Award Winner , World Beverage Innovation Finalist and shortlisted for a 2016 Good Choice! Quality Food Award. As importantly, Tg is delish drinks’ lover approved! Read why Laura, a devoted tea lover and regular blogger, thinks Tg green tea with jujube & ginseng is a gift from the godsTg Green Tea with jujube & ginseng review.

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