15 pyramid bags each containing organic Green Tea that is then packed into a non-transparent resealable stand-up pouch to help freshness stay in for longer. Winner of a Gold Star at the 2015, 2016 & 2017 Great Taste Awards. [Formal organic certification expected in 2018.]

Tg green tea is a rather exceptional Chinese green tea. Its is grown in a special plantation located on the 887m high Dao Ren mountain peak that has been certified as organic since 1995. The specific growing location and tea preparation methods handed down since ancient times help to produce a green tea with a delicate taste and soft slightly fruity flavour. It may have been the effect of the Dao priests’ (Taoists) meditating as they cultivated the tea gardens years ago but, whatever the reason, the organic tea used in Tg Green Teas tastes heavenly.

A generous serving in every pyramid bag which encourages multiple brewing so oozes out every last drop of goodness. No added flavourings for a clean and naturally delicious taste. But don’t take our word for it, just ask Robin a.k.a. Black Cat Bytes, a tea lover and blogger what she thought of our tea – review.

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